The Official College of Physicians of Navarra

With a history of more than 100 years, the Official College of Physicians of Navarra is a public corporation that has many functions, one of the main functions is to represent the doctors of Navarre, and another is to be a reference for professional ethics and to ensure the best quality of the medical act and good clinical practice.

It deals with and is concerned about the ongoing training of doctors and the registration of professional merit, annual grants, organizing cultural and professional activities and is head office to about 30 scientific societies

Through its Foundation it has provided various services to physicians and society, facilitating the tools and means necessary to guarantee citizens a model of health care of proven quality, carried out by competent professionals.

It lodges in its head office congresses and meetings of professional character of both national and international levels, contributing to the development of knowledge in its multiple facets. 


The Restaurant

Restaurant School, at 47 Lower Navarre Avenue, is prepared to host any type of celebration or event. Weddings, baptisms, first communion’s, family gatherings, business lunches and dinners, congresses, conventions..., offering the service and the most appropriate response in a privileged area of Pamplona.

Avda. Baja Navarra, 47 – 31002 Pamplona. Tel. 948 226 364


Congresses College Of Physicians

A unique alternative for the celebration of any corporate event, health or commercial.

The Medical Association of Navarra offers through its head office congresses of the College of Physicians, a unique alternative for the celebration of all kinds of health events, corporate and commercial meetings.  The symbolic nature of its building, its privileged location in the center of Pamplona, and Its wide spaces, make for an ideal place for the realization of its own and external acts.

Avda. Baja Navarra, 47 – 31002 Pamplona. Tel. 948 226 093


Clen College – Ih Pamplona (linguistic services)

Clen College - Ih Pamplona opened its doors in Navarre in 1990 as a center specializing in the teaching of languages (English, French, German, Spanish, etc...) for foreigners. Since then, we have trained thousands of students, teachers, becoming a reference point for the teaching of languages in Navarra.

Our strengths are the quality in teaching, student's individualized follow-up and the international coverage. Not in vain Clen College is since 2011,  the official examiner center of Cambridge, a member of the International House World Organization (with more than 140 Associated Schools in 40 countries around the world) and Trinity Exams.

Tel. 948 172 391


Avda. Baja Navarra, 47, 31002 (Pamplona)
Tel: +0034 948 226 093
Mail: Javier Magallón