Hospitality and Tourism Association of Navarre

The Association of Hospitality & Tourism of Navarra (Asociación de Hostelería y Turismo de Navarra) is a leading organisation in its sector, representing more than 500 companies in Navarra (bars, restaurants, hotels, apartments, campsites, etc.)

With a track record of more than 40 years at the service of the hospitality sector in Navarra, the professionals of the Association are now specialising in offering specialist services for the sector and, in turn, in creating top quality products to promote responsible and productive tourism in our Autonomous Community.

The Association is formed by  professionals from the fields of law, finance, business management and marketing, and covers a number of areas of work such as advisory services, accounting and marketing.

The Association of Hospitality & Tourism of Navarra is one of the founding members of the Medical/Health Tourism project in Navarra, supporting the project with all the know-how obtained in the course of its more than 40-year history.


  • Representation of the hospitality sector
  • Administrative, civil, commercial, labour, fiscal, quality system and food safety advisory services.
  • Training
  • Promotion: organisation of culinary events, publicity campaigns, online booking centre, national and international fairs and events, and the creation of tourism products. 

Accommodation and first class gastronomy

Human resources

The Association of Hospitality & Tourism of Navarra is formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals, committed to serving the needs of all its members. Lawyers, administrators, marketing professionals and administrative technicians, are all focussed on ensuring the security and growth of its members' businesses. 


c/ Pedro I, nº 1, 1º, 31007 (Pamplona)
Tel: +0034 948 268 412
Contacto: Iya Vorontsovskaya