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Healthy Navarra

Navarra combines the most advanced medicine with a stunning environment/titulo1>

Navarra is a healthy land: due to its commitment to medical research, well-deserved prestige of its hospital system and the professionals that make this possible, integrity of its people, respect for Nature and pride in our heritage and history. Navarra means connecting with the essence of what really matters.

Medicine, innovation and quality of life

Medicine, a commitment to research and to groundbreaking medical technology are all part of our DNA. The University Clinic of Navarra is, and always has been, a benchmark centre for all those seeking the highest quality of care. It is ranked in first place among the private hospitals with the best reputation in terms of the services provided, while it practically doubles the score of the hospital immediately below it in the ranking. The excellent quality of the San Juan de Dios Hospital and the Sannas Dentofacial Clinic, in addition to the drive of six technology centres, the CIMA and three universities in Navarra, create the perfect environment for an excellent healthcare service that is constantly improving. In Navarra, we enjoy living life to the full. We appreciate every moment in time, the beauty of our environment, the flavours of our cuisine and the pleasure of having everything nearby. We have the lowest unemployment rate in Spain, while we are one of the safest autonomous communities in the country and take third place with regard to per capita income. We offer an excellent range of accommodation, as well as a rich and varied cuisine. Pamplona, our capital city, is attractive, peaceful, safe and convenient. While we are forward-looking, we are proud of our roots and our history. We love sharing our lives with visitors to our land.

A kingdom full of history

Navarra was, and still is, a kingdom: the Kingdom of Navarra is present in our landscapes and settlements, castles, churches and fortresses. Their walls conceal stories of kings and noblemen, wars and peace treaties, legends and fables. Furthermore, the Way of St James, the real Way, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, crosses through our land, showing the marks left by pilgrims over the centuries.

Living nature

The slogan says that Navarra is a land of diversity. And this is completely true. In just 10,400 square kilometres, you can find deserts, sierras, rivers and mountains. The lunar landscape of the Bardenas, the Biosphere Reserve, is in sharp contrast to the greenery of the northern valleys of the Pyrenees, the lushness of the Irati Forest, the sheer walls of the limestone Gorge of Lumbier and the fertile market gardens of La Ribera in southern Navarra. Each and every corner of Navarra holds a secret. And each one is different.


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The slogan says that Navarra is a land of diversity. And thi...


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