A green province


The slogan says that Navarra is a land of diversity. And this is completely true. In just 10,400 square kilometres, you can find deserts, sierras, rivers and mountains. The lunar landscape of the Bardenas, the Biosphere Reserve, is in sharp contrast to the greenery of the northern valleys of the Pyrenees, the lushness of the Irati Forest, the sheer walls of the limestone Gorge of Lumbier and the fertile market gardens of La Ribera in southern Navarra. Each and every corner of Navarra holds a secret. And each one is different.


From the first time you set foot in Pamplona, you get the feeling that you could easily live there. The capital of the Kingdom is a small, welcoming city, a city which is safe, vibrant and convenient, with its own particular charm and centuries-old history. Its maze of ancient, narrow streets in the Old Quarter, its palaces, the Citadel, all allow you to step back in time and immerse yourself in the city's history. While the many parks and green spaces within the city, the excellent range of cuisine on offer, the wide variety of stores, shops and boutiques, together with the vitality of the city's 25,000 university students, make Pamplona a vibrant city.