Pamplona, a city steeped in history

Pamplona has an unforgettable charm. This simple city is a blend of old and new. With barely 196,000 inhabitants, it boasts a high quality of life, with no traffic build-ups, no fumes and good healthcare services. The new districts are extremely attractive, all offering local facilities and services, while the hub of the city's social and commercial life is to be found in its beautiful old quarter.

The city's origins date back to years 75-74 before Christ, when the Roman general Pompeyo settled in this area, which was already inhabited by an indigenous community of Basques, and founded the Roman city of Pompaelo.

The fortified complex of Pamplona, constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries, is one of the best conserved walled cities in Europe.

The ramparts are currently used as a leisure area and are an element that integrates the cultural and environmental heritage of Pamplona.

A Kingdom full of history

Navarra was, and still is, a kingdom: the Kingdom of Navarra is present in our landscapes and settlements, castles, churches and fortresses. Their walls conceal stories of kings and noblemen, wars and peace treaties, legends and fables. Furthermore, the Way of St James, the real Way, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, crosses through our land, showing the marks left by pilgrims over the centuries.