Tasting the cuisine in Navarra is a heavenly experience. Our land has the flavour of fresh vegetables, good meat, exceptional wines and authenticity, with more than fifteen designations of origin and certificates of quality. 

The Ribera, in the southern river plains of Navarre, is renowned for its market gardens, which offer mouth-watering produce such as asparagus, artichokes, chard and the Tudela-grown gem lettuces. While the valleys of northern Navarra offer succulent veal, delicious junket and flavourful cheese with the Roncal and Idiazabal designations of origin. Throughout the land, excellent wineries produce sensational wines that delight the palates of customers  in increasingly distant countries.

In Navarra the love for good food is beyond description, a passion which is reflected in the wide range of excellent restaurants, bars and coffee shops, with counters heaped with delicious tapas, turning this miniature cuisine into a work of art. The calendar is dotted with many different culinary events, some of which, such as Tapas Week, attract visitors from all over Europe. 

In view of all this, Navarra is a must for all good food lovers. It's well worth a visit.