Old Quarter of the city

Pamplona has an unforgettable charm. This simple city is a blend of old and new. With barely 196,000 inhabitants, it boasts a high quality of life, with no traffic build-ups, no fumes and good healthcare services.

The new districts are extremely attractive, all offering local facilities and services, while the hub of the city's social and commercial life is to be found in its beautiful old quarter.

Plaza del Castillo square

Endless generations have enjoyed the fiestas, summer afternoons and Sunday mornings, sitting outside on its porched terraces. Just like the centre of a spider's web, the narrow, busy streets of the Old Quarter stretch out from this square.

Citadel of Pamplona

The Ciudadela or citadel is considered to be the best example of Spanish renaissance military architecture. It is now a public park with spacious green areas, a small central square with a fountain, benches to sit on, a wide variety of plant species, and it is also a Wi-Fi area. Its pavilions, moats, bastions, ravelins and glacis are now public places of leisure, sport and culture.

Check out the tapas bars in Pamplona

Miniature cuisine has reached some unbeatable standards of quality in Pamplona, and in Navarra in general. Today, tapas are one of most appreciated culinary and social attractions. For example, going round the bars eating tapas is a social event in Pamplona, where the important thing is to get together with friends or make new friends, chat a while ... whilst enjoying delicious tapas such as eel with tomato, foie gras, spider crab with cream of courgette, salt cod omelette, or black porcini mushroom tarts, amongst the hundreds of tapas on offer in the bars in Navarre.

San Fermin, the universal fiesta

Hemingway called it “Fiesta”…and there's no better way to define it. San Fermin is a fiesta for all your senses, a fiesta that speaks a universal language and that attracts thousands and thousands of visitors from all over the world. The running of the bulls through the street of Estafeta is the best-known image of the fiesta, yet there's so much, much more. During the San Fermin fiestas, the city is crowded with people dressed in traditional red and white, with the street as the stage. From the 6th to the 14th July, everyone can enjoy nine days of events, fun, traditions, music and excitement.

Cathedral of Santa María La Real (Royal St Mary)

On a promontory of the Old Quarters of Pamplona, on the very site of the former Roman settlement of Pompaelo, stands the Cathedral of Santa María of Pamplona, a 14th and 15th century Gothic work of art. This iconic monument holds the largest number of historic and artistic relics in the city. Here, kings were crowned, Parliaments met and, for three centuries, it was the seat of the Council of the Kingdom of Navarra.

BALUARTE  - Palace of Congresses and Auditorium

Abrupt, sober, almost monastic, the Baluarte stands at the confluence between the First New Suburbs of the city, which were erected after the ramparts were demolished at the end of the 19th century, and the defensive Citadel, the construction of which commenced in 1571 during the reign of Philip II. The Baluarte building is L-shaped, with no sharp edges or ornaments, sheltering from the traffic the immense entrance square adjoining the Parliament of Navarra.

The Way of St James

Two important routes cross through Navarra: one entering Spain from the Pyrenees through Luzaide/Valcarlos and passing through the legendary Orreaga/Roncesvalles, and the other coming from Aragon and passing through Sanguesa. There are also two minor routes crossing through the Autonomous Community: the Way of the Baztán and the Route of the Ebro. 


These are the 10 must-visits in Navarra:

  • Pamplona, the capital city of the Kingdom of Navarra
  • Irati Forest
  • Source of the river Urederra
  • Urbasa-Andia Nature Park
  • Lumbier Gorge and Arbaiún Gorge
  • The Bardenas Reales Biosphere Reserve.
  • Urdax and Zugarramurdi caves
  • Señorío de Bertiz Nature Park
  • Cuisine / Restaurants
  • San Fermin

Access all these tourist attractions in Navarra.