DIRECCIÓN: c/ Pedro I, nº 1, 1º - 31007 (Pamplona) Navarra - ESPAÑA | TEL: (+34) 948 268 412 - (+34) 621 209 115
HORARIO: lun-jue 08:30-17:00 h. y vie 08:00-15:00 h. | MAIL: acogida@visitnavarra.info


ADDRESS : Av. Pío XII 36, 31008 (Pamplona)
TEL : (+34) 948 255 400 | (+34) 948 296 500
WEB : www.cun.es
MAIL CENTER ATTENTION TO PATIENT : atpacientecun@unav.es
MAIL MARKETING DEPARTMENT - (Mr. Alonso Gil Casares): agilcasares@unav.es

The Clínica Universidad de Navarra is a medical-hospital center with more than 50 years of history located in Pamplona, ​​Spain, characterized by its high degree of medical specialization, its constant technological renewal and your personalized attention.

The Clinic is a pioneer in the implementation of medical techniques at an international level , with numerous recognitions and awards that support its work. It has the largest technological infrastructure among private centers in Spain .


  • It has 35 medical departments and 10 specialized multidisciplinary areas
  • It has the latest technology and clinical advances:
    • The most advanced Proton Therapy Unit in Europe.
    • One of the fastest CT scans in the medical field "TAC SOMATOM DRIVE".
    • PET-CT with maximum image precision , early detection and minimal radiation.
    • Surgical block with 2 hybrid operating rooms for maximum high-field intraoperative precision (unique in Europe).
    • 3 linear accelerators for greater precision in radiation administration and reduction of sessions .
    • 3 Magnetic resonances of which 2 have 3 Tesla.
    • Da Vinci ROBOTIC SURGERY for greater surgical precision, less invasive and elimination of the natural tremor of the surgeon's hand.
    • ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY LABORATORY with advanced navigation and imaging systems for the most complex cardiac procedures.
    • Non-invasive Focused Ultrasound HIFU that captures the heat of thousands of beams of ultrasound and concentrates it on a target.
    • PET GMP laboratory with the possibility of synthesizing 18 different radiopharmaceuticals
    • High definition SPECT-CT and PET-CT devices
    • Hemodynamic and Electrophysiology Rooms
    • 2 radiological intervention rooms
    • Polysomnography and video monitoring EEG laboratory
    • CIMA LAB Laboratory - genetic studies
    • Preventive medicine: quick, complete and exhaustive check-ups
    • Minimally invasive surgery with NOTES (Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopy Surgery
    • Complete radiotherapy treatments: Ytrio 90 microsphere therapy, radiosurgery, IMRT, brachytherapy
    • Comprehensive vision of Obesity. Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery
    • Immunotherapy for tumors and infectious diseases
    • Innovation in medical devices: hypoglossal nerve implants for OSA treatments, cochlear implants and deep brain stimulation treatments
    • Genetic and molecular biology in individual diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors and other serious diseases
    • Living donor kidney and liver transplantation
    • Bone marrow transplant
    • Gene and cell therapy
  • Accreditation by Joint Commission International , since 2004. (February, 2017 - fifth consecutive time). (9.8 out of 10 points on 1305 measurement items)
  • Joint Commission International Accreditation - standards for University Hospitals , since 2014. (23 accredited centers in the world, only center in Spain .
  • “Best in Class” Award - Spanish private hospital with the best reputation . (Third consecutive year - 2014,2015,2016). Health Reputation Monitor of Spain (MERCO)
  • European Center of Excellence in the treatment of obesity EASO (The European Association for the Study of Obesity) .
  • European Center of Excellence in obesity surgery. IFSO. International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders.
  • Center of excellence in the integration of palliative care and cancer treatment. ESMO. European Society for Medical Oncology.
  • Private Hospital No. 1 in Spain for 12 medical specialties.