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ADDRESS : c / Errotaldea, 31744 (Elgorriaga - Navarra)
TEL : (+34) 948 456 045
WEB : www.balnearioelgorriaga.com/
MAIL : reservas@balnearioelgorriaga.com

Located in the Malerreka Valley, just one kilometer away from Doneztebe, under the nearby Mount Mendaur and next to the Ezkurra River. The properties of its waters have been known in the region since the mid-19th century.

The complex stands on a 55,000-square-meter estate, and it is to the north of this vast area where the mineral water spring is located, which is at the origin of the thermal tradition of Elgorriaga and of this recovery project. < / p>

Three buildings with 25 rooms each meet the needs of bathers, with suites and rooms for small family groups included. In facilities in which accessibility has been taken care of to the maximum, rooms have also been enabled for people with mobility problems.

Near the three buildings for accommodation there is a room, of more than a thousand square meters, in which the spa area is located, along with the medical consultations, the bar, the terraces and the restaurant, which has diets for all types of users, according to the limitations or conditions they may present. The four buildings that make up the complex are interconnected.


  • 75 Rooms
  • 48 doubles, 15 singles, 9 junior suites and 3 suites
  • Cafeteria
  • Restaurant
  • 4 multipurpose rooms
  • Reading room
  • Terrace
  • Playground
  • Wi-Fi
  • Gym


  • Mineral water spring
  • Thermal facilities
  • Spa area
  • Medical consultations
  • Personalized diets
  • 30 professionals
  • Accessibility / mobility
  • Accommodation / restoration

Human resources

Medical staff
1 hydrologist doctor (40 hours per week)

Spa staff
30 people on staff:

  • Hotel and thermal reception
  • Physio and therapists
  • Waiters
  • Cooks
  • Animation
  • Doctor
  • Maintenance
  • Administrative
  • Address

Languages ​​
Languages ​​served: Spanish, French and English


The saltiest water

Its sodium chlorinated mineral-medicinal waters, ferruginous with very strong mineralization and extremely hard, flow at temperatures of 14-16ºC, which is why they are also classified as hypothermal. They are characterized by their high content of chloride and sodium ions, of the order of 189 and 179 grams per liter of water respectively. The waters of Elgorriaga have a very high percentage of salt: 333 grams per liter of water. For that reason, "the first sensation when submerging in them is that it floats by having a buoyancy index even higher than in the Dead Sea itself.

Actions on the body

  • On the osteoarticular system they are antiphlogistic, anti-inflammatory and relaxing, favoring the regeneration of the articular cartilage and increasing mobility.
  • On the respiratory system, they thin the secretions and improve the vascularization of the mucosa at the level of the upper airways.
  • On the skin they act as anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, improving irrigation and skin trophism.
  • On the circulatory system, there is an improvement in peripheral circulation and an increase in venous tension, favoring lymphatic venous return.
  • On the neurovegetative and neuropsychic systems they have an analgesic effect as well as toning.

Clinical indications

  • Osteoarticular apparatus, chronic degenerative and inflammatory rheumatisms, degenerative lesions of tendons in chronic evolution, neuralgia, sequelae of trauma.
  • Recovery of efforts and tuning.
  • Respiratory system: tubotympanic colds, chronic congestive and allergic rhinitis, and recurrent and chronic acute sinusitis.
  • Skin: dermatitis, chronic eczema, psoriasis and sequelae of burns.
  • Circulatory system: initial angioneuropathies, varicose processes and venous and lymphatic insufficiency.
  • Neurovegetative and neuropsychic system, stress, asthenia, anxiety, dysthymia and depression.


Pool with:

  • I swim against the current
  • Lower extremity massage jets
  • Goosenecks
  • Relaxing bubble beds
  • Waterfalls
  • Cold contrast pool
  • Lumbar jet seats
  • Indoor Jacuzzi

Rest of the route

  • Relaxation area with relax loungers
  • Dry / Finnish sauna
  • Contrast showers (bucket shower, sensation shower, relaxing shower, nebulizer shower, waterfall shower
  • Wet sauna / Turkish bath
  • Flotarium
  • Sweet-playful pool with lumbar jets and relaxation area


  • 8 massage cabins
  • Single and double Hydrotherapy Baths
  • Yet Jet
  • Vichy shower
  • Swedana, steam bath with individual aromatherapy
  • Maniluvios / Footbaths
  • Inhalations