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Thanks to the support of the Government of Navarra , through its Internationalization Service (Navarra Internationalization Plan) , our Navarra medical tourism project (Navarra Health Tourism) can undertake promotional and marketing actions in international markets.
Currently our target markets are Latin America and United States .


The Navarra Health Tourism project , from its genesis, had a marked orientation towards the internationalization of its centers and partners in relevant medical tourism source markets.

The Association of Hospitality and Tourism of Navarra , as the promoter of the project, already envisioned in 2012 the possibility of bringing together in the form of a cluster of companies an important cast of entities both in the private and public to publicize the extraordinary facilities and medical-health services of Navarra in the world.

That original work group was made up of the Navarra University Clinic, the Navarra Government Tourism Department, the Pamplona City Council, the Pamplona Hotel Association and the Navarra Hospitality and Tourism Association itself. The work focused on the development of the medical tourism tourism product.

Already in 2013 the efforts were focused in a more powerful way on the internationalization of the project, executing actions in source markets, such as attending trade fairs, organizing famtrips in Navarra with leading professionals or market research.

In 2014 the objectives were to have a presence in medical forums and representation trips, to promote Pamplona and Navarra in the most interesting events on the international medical-tourism scene to achieve synergies and collaborations, to achieve collaboration agreements with insurance companies and attending and supporting the events to present Navarra tourism in national broadcasting locations. In addition, the famtrips in Navarra work with prescribers, collaborate in the generation of a Health Tourism Sales Folder, continuous contact with travel agencies and tour operators for the realization of tourist packages (medical tourism, vacation, Sanfermines and other activities ...) and attendance at fairs with its own staff, hand in hand with the other entities of the project (Tourism of Navarra, Pamplona City Council or the University of Navarra Clinic).

In 2015 the Hospitality and Tourism Association of Navarra continued to generate and support the actions of the Health Tourism project, such as attending the FITUR SALUD fair, to be in contact with representatives of institutions and private companies for the sale of the product, attendance at the MITT Moscow or MedShow fair (target markets at the time: Russia and Ukraine), assistance and support for promotional actions on the Costa del Sol and Costa Dorada or the generation of material own promotional such as this official portal and other hospitality assets and complementary products / services.

The actions carried out since 2017 and also planned for 2020/2021 revolve around continuing to develop this tourism product (medical / health), focusing on our target markets:

  • carrying out recruitment trips and contracting with medical facilitators, specialized tour operators and insurance companies
  • the project presentation events at the destination
  • the famtrips with medical prescribers, 4) the advertising of tourist destination in the media
  • the marketing brochures
  • attendance at fairs or events
  • attendance at events to reinforce the operation
  • contact with tour operators and medical prescribers
  • online marketing actions
  • the inclusion of the project participants in the Sales Folder of the global Health Tourism project
  • collaboration with the Department of Tourism to support prospecting actions in national and international places
  • maintenance of the project-specific website www.navarrahealthtourism.com
  • contact with medical tourism travel agencies

In recent years, our two target geographic markets to internationalize our medical-health centers and products / services are LATIN AMERICA (Ecuador, Mexico and Panama) and UNITED STATES .

Market: LATIN AMERICA (Ecuador, Mexico and Panama)

Through trips to issuing markets or through the organization of the famtripsel Clúster de Turismo de Salud (Navarra Health Tourism), it has been working and contacting Latin American markets with the aim of promoting Navarra as a health tourism destination, based on contacts with great potential in these countries, which manage significant volumes of payroll, consulting, financial and insurance companies.


Some of the familiarization trips to Navarra organized by Navarra Health Tourism have been:

  • Founders and President of Grupo Empresarial Gin (leaders in Integral Management of Human Talent in Latin America).
  • IPADE (Business School number 1 in Latin America)
  • Universidad Panamericana
  • ANCORA (insurance and finance company)
  • Mapfre Panama (Yaima Brooks, Deputy Manager of Mapfre in Panama, with more than 380 employees and more than 40 years of experience in the sector)
  • SkyMedicus Mexico

Internationalization trips

After the famtrip or familiarization trip carried out in Pamplona / Navarra for the company Salud SA in November 2017, a trip was made by a of our companies grouped in Ecuador (Guayaquil) in order to take care of the established synergies, enter into direct contact with the way they work and continue with the roadmap drawn up with this large corporation.

Through these contacts we have continued to expand our commercial activities in addition to Ecuador, Panama and Mexico, achieving excellent tourism results for our region, with contacts established through international insurers and TPA's such as:

  • Cypress Benefit Administrator LLC (first third-party administrator (TPA), focused on self-insurance companies and with greater projection in Latin America).
  • SkyMedicus INC (international medical tourism company pioneer in this concept of global expansion for medical surrogacy, which has the best and most prestigious clinics and hospitals globally).



We have begun commercial contacts with insurers, medical facilitators and TPA's in this country, most of the headquarters, at the health level, locate their headquarters in Miami, from where we started our contacts with several of them.

Our attendance at the World Health Congress in Washington allowed us to contact Facilitators and TPA's, such as the international SkyMedicus or Cypress Benefit.


  • Best Doctors Insurance (a leading international health insurance company in the US, Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada).
  • Mrs. Jennifer Price, with her dual nationality, American and South American, has 10 years of sales experience and 5 years of sales in the hospital industry. She was invited to a famtrip in Navarra in order to get to know our health and tourism system and infrastructures and thus be able to have direct contact in Miami to speed up business contacts at this main entrance to the American territory.

Internationalization trips

  • Best Doctor Miami (international insurer based in Miami, but focusing on sales in Bermuda, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Honduras and Guatemala, managing more than 50,000 policies. Among its specialties is the management of patients with pathologies such as cancer, trauma , neurosurgery and high-risk pregnancies.
  • BMI COMPANIES Building at Town Center One International, with more than 46 years of experience and trajectory dedicated exclusively to Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia
  • BUPA Global (one of the international leaders in the US and Latin America)
  • Premier Assurance Group (PA) (with 18 years of experience and a conservative profile, offering worldwide medical coverage)
  • MWG International (founded in 1987, has offices in Jackson, MS; Oxford, MS; Miami, FL; Bakersfield, CA; and Utica, NY - as well as affiliates in Nassau, Bahamas; Hamilton, Bermuda; Puerto Rico; and Honolulu, HI. They offer international medical coverage)
  • SKY MEDICUS INC (International insurance company)