DIRECCIÓN: C/Pedro I, nº 1, 1º 31007 (Pamplona)Navarra · ESPAÑA | TEL: (+34) 948 268 412 # (+34) 621 209 115
HORARIO: lun-jue 08.30 - 17.00 y vie 08.00-15.00h | EMAIL: acogida@visitnavarra.info

Balneario de Fitero

ADDRESS: c/ Extramuros, s/n – 31593 (Fitero – Navarra)
PHONE: (+34) 948 776 100
WEBSITE: www.balneariodefitero.es
EMAIL: info@balneariodefitero.es

The Balneario de Fitero Spa came into being in 1909 and, since then, it has been focussed on improving the health of its clients. The Spa has 2 medicinal mineral water springs dating back to Roman times and, for more than 100 years now, it has centred on offering specialised services and positioning itself at the forefront of wellness treatments, making this spa a unique experience.

The waters at Fitero are rich in chloride, sulphate, sodium, calcium and are hyperthermal with strong mineralisation.

Its sauna is a true natural cave, and is unique in Spain.

All treatments are individual, except for the swimming pool. are given in private cubicles. The spa is set in pleasant surroundings, alongside a beautiful pine grove. Guests can relax and stroll through in its gardens, parks, terraces and trails, enjoying the beauty of the scenery.

It is the largest hotel complex in Navarra, comprising two different hotels: Hotel Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer and Hotel Palafox, offering accommodation for 370 and 120 persons respectively.

It is the first spa in Spain to be awarded the “Q for Quality Tourism”, for the service offered its guests.


  • Medicinal mineral waters
  • Hyperthermal waters
  • Sauna treatments
  • Swimming pools
  • Private booths
  • Q for Quality Tourism
  • Medical personnel
  • Hotel Complex:


Our medical director specialises in internal medicine and medical hydrology. During the 30 years in which he has been practising, he has worked in other spas and has gained extensive experience in hydrology.

All our other medical and nursing staff also have extensive experience and are accustomed to dealing with general medicine emergencies and hydrology emergencies in particular.

A team of highly qualified experts specialising in physiotherapy, massage and beauty treatments, ready and willing to be of assistance to you.

The Spa has a total of 180 employees.


  • Rheumatic diseases (arthrosis, arthritis, etc.)
  • Musculoskeletal disorders in general (osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, algodystrophy, disc pathology, etc.)
  • Functional rehabilitation (traumatic, neurological, rheumatic, respiratory, etc.)
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Chronic pharyngitis and laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, repeated common colds, etc.
  • Chronic bronchial disorders
  • Prevention, general relaxation, convalescence
  • Peripheral arterial diseases (intermittent claudication, Raynaud’s Syndrome)
  • Healthy leisure


  • The Fitero Spa was the first in Spain to be awarded the "Q" certificate for quality tourism (I.C.T.E.).
  • Reyno de Navarra Tourism Award in recognition of the quality of its service.
  • The institution celebrated its centenary in 2009


  • The largest hotel complex in Navarra, comprising 2 different hotels: Hotel Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer and Hotel Palafox, offering accommodation for 370 and 120 persons respectively.
  • The spa receives more than 14,000 visitors a year, with a total of 130,000 overnight stays.