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Policlínica Artica

ADDRESS: c/ Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, 16, 31013 (Nuevo Artica – Navarra)
WEBSITE: www.policlinicaartica.com

The Policlínica Artica polyclinic boasts more than 30 years of experience in healthcare and in the improvement of the quality of life of its patients. Right from the outset, it has been noted for its focus on continuous improvement through innovation. Policlínica Artica aims to provide a holistic service to patients, supported by highly-qualified professionals. It strives to achieve its mission to deliver excellent medical care while always keeping the human element in mind.

The facilities of the polyclinic cover more than 3,000 m2, housing the services offered by Grupo Sannas (dental hospital, hyperbaric rehabilitation, aesthetics and medicine) and the new Qibu.clinic centre (surgery and out-patients clinics).



The Sannas Dentofacial Specialty Centre offers a complete range of dentistry services in the same building, with hospital level medical facilities. With more than 30 years of experience in the sector and more than 20,000 patients treated, SANNAS is certified by AENOR as a dental centre and services provider according to standard UNE 179001 The clinic has a modern dental prosthetic laboratory (Lab-o) and is also a training centre, certified by the General Council of Dentists of Spain.

In our daily work, we would highlight the great importance of health and prevention and we therefore employ a highly trained and specialised medical team, ready to suitably respond to the needs and demands of our patients, always offering an excellent, high quality service.

Sannas Dentofacial has become a leading dental service provider in Pamplona, thanks to the wide range of treatments offered: High-performance Dentistry, treatments for sleep apnea and TMJ, Conscious sedation and Painless anaesthesia, comprehensive orthodontic treatment, Periodontology, etc. always seeking to offer patients a pleasant and satisfying experience. Clínica dental Sannas, advanced oral and dental solutions with a multi-disciplinary team of dentists in Pamplona.


Lab-o (Prosthetics laboratory)

The oral health of our patients is guaranteed through our use of biotechnology, CAD CAM design, as well as custom-made high-precision dentures.

Lab-o works closely with the dental clinic, offering patients “express” treatments. Something that is demanded by our patients, rapid response time and optimum standards of quality.

OXIEN (Hyperbaric Rehabilitation Centre)

Ever focussed on taking an innovative approach, the Policlínica Artica has created Oxien, a hyperbaric rehabilitation centre and the first in Navarra to be approved by the Spanish Society of Hyperbaric Medicine (SEMH). Hyperbaric medicine is a medical specialty treats the physiological and pathophysiological changes in human beings and comprises the medical use of oxygen at pressures greater than atmospheric. This innovative therapy is complementary to the usual treatment received by patients. For this reason, the doctor providing the hyperbaric treatment will be in constant communication with the doctor treating the patient, for evaluation and monitoring purposes.

Oxien has grown to become a leading centre in Hyperbaric Medicine as well as in Physiotherapy and Osteopathy.


A healthcare space with outpatients clinics and an operating theatre.

Quibu.clinic is a forward-looking healthcare project, comprising a healthcare space occupying 1,300 m2 that is fully equipped, where healthcare professionals can offer high-quality medical services. At Qibu the outpatients clinics are designed around a fully-equipped operating theatre, with shared use by professionals. This is a multi-functional medical space offering patients comprehensive and integrated services with the possibility of an overnight stay.

A new centre, inaugurated in 2020, in which health and the provision of high-quality healthcare have brought together in a single project a team of experts in different medical specialties, as well as business management and administration professionals.


FIVE (Aesthetic and medical centre)

Five is the new aesthetic and medical centre of Policlínica Artica. Our innovative and non-conformist spirit has led us to meet the demands of patients by incorporating aesthetics into our healthcare services.

Research, technology and product development will guide the future of aesthetic medicine. The sum of science and the art required for this specialty, combined with the experience and skill achieved following years of work, are the essence of Five.